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S3E8: Allie Thunstrom runs on Dunkin'!

It's almost 2020 and The Founding 4 Podcast returns with LOTS of NWHL News! We also chat with Kendall Cornine and Allie Thunstrom about outdoor hockey, Dunkin' coffee, and much more!

#RivalrySeries Recap: USA Hockey bounces back in Hartford

Hear from Bob Corkum, Abby Roque, Hilary Knight, and more after USA defeated Canada 4-1 in the opening #RivalrySeries game in Hartford!

S3E7: Need for Speed!

Ivo Mocek chats about grinding out a win in Connecticut and the upcoming series in Minnesota.

A Perfect 10-0!

On this episode of the #Founding4Pod, host Erica L. Ayala chats with Richelle Skarbowski, Jane Morrisette, and Brooke Baker to recap the week! #HockeyTwitter

Founding 4 Podcast S3E5 aka My Song 5

Victoria Hanson gets the first NWHL shutout of the season, Taylor Accursi chats goalie celebrations, Sam WALLther weighs in on her nickname, Boston College WIH origin story, and much more!

Founding 4 Podcast: Back from Break!

The NWHL is back in action and so is the Founding 4 Pod! Erica L. Ayala catches you up with all the NWHL news you need to know. Hear from Kelsey Neumann, Sonja Shelley, and listen to Erica's mini-rant on the "State of Women's Hockey". Oh, also is there a #McLevMan reunion coming this weekend?! Listen to the #Founding4Pod to find out!

BONUS: Katie Fitzgerald on the PWHPA Showcase in Chicago

Katie Fitzgerald chats PWHPA in Chicago and much more!

Founding 4 Podcast: Blake Bolden Cookbook

First uploaded for my patrons, here is a fun interview with Blake Bolden live from the Aurora Games. Blake talked about the first-ofits-kind women’s sports festival & dishes about a potential cookbook.

Founding 4 Podcast S3E3: Last week, today!

Last week I spoke with a few players/coaches during the Buffalo at Boston series. I spoke with Brooke Stacey from the Beauts, Tori Sullivan from the Pride, and had fun admiring Marie-Jo Pelletier’s game with Buffalo head coach Pete Perram.

Founding 4 Pod S3E2: Audra Richards on Hockey & Mini Donuts

Forward Audra Richards joins the show to discuss her return to Minnesota, the highs and lows of her rookies season with the Metropolitan Riveters, and all the good food that can be found in the State of Hockey.

Founding 4 Podcast S3E1: Rebecca Morse aka Moose aka Switzerland

Is she forward, or defender? What's up with her nickname? Is she mad the Devils partnership with the Rivs is gone, or nah? All this and more as Rebecca "Moose" Morse joins this episode of the Founding 4 Podcast.

Founding 4 Pod Bonus Episode: Preseason updates with Anya Packer

Anya Packer joins the Founding 4 Pod to offer NWHL updates before the Season 5 puck drop. We also talk about her wedding, and what Anya's new nickname/Twitter handle should be. This is an interview with limited edits and no extra bells and whistles. But, we'll be back in full swing soon!

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