Behind-The-Scenes with MeiGray + How To Bid On PHF All-Star Game-Worn Jerseys

Black Rosie Media and the Founding 4 Podcast take you from the bench to the locker rooms and everywhere in between. Take a look at our exclusive look at the 2023 PHF All-Star Showcase through the eyes of  @TheMeiGrayGroup   Director of Special Projects Dave Meisel. 

Erica L. Ayala narrates video and images taken by Black Rosie Media contributor Tiffany Thompson from the event hosted at Mattamt Athletic Centre in Toronto, Ontario. 

The PHF All-Star Showcase auction ends on February 24, 2023. 

Auction Link:

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Erica L. Ayala (Eye-Yah-La) 💪🏽
Erica L. Ayala (Eye-Yah-La) 💪🏽
Almost Famous | Founder, @BlackRosieMedia #HBRIC | 1st & only Black or Latine @PHF broadcaster | Broadcaster @NWSL | #PBWA #NAHJ 📧
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