3 New Year's Resolutions for Every PHF Team

Hey, women's Hockey fans, happy New Year.

I hope that you had a
blessed holiday season.

We had Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa.

We've got three Kings Day coming up,
and I'm sure there's more than, I'm

not even familiar with either way.

However, you.

Your time with family and or friends.

I hope that you enjoyed.

We are Back in 2023, the founding
four podcast co-hosted by an Angelica

Rodriguez and myself, Erica L.


And for the new year, we went
through all seven Premier Hockey

Federation teams and gave three new
year's resolutions for each team.

This episode of the Founding 4
Podcast is going togive you all

seven teams by alpha order order.

So joining us though, to do this special
New Year's podcast is Ashley Mouzzon, and

you'll be hearing a lot more from Ashley.

She is going to be contributing to
Black Rose Media and the Founding

4 Podcast, so I hope that you.

We're gonna start with Boston, so
you'll hear my voice in a moment,

but this is our Premier Hockey
Federation, new Year's Resolutions.

Three for all seven teams.

What we want to see them take
into the 2023 portion of Season 8.


Women's Hockey fans, Erica L.

Ayala here, and I am gonna bring you
the three New year's resolutions for the

Boston Pride presented by Black Rosie
Media as we go into the 2023 portion of.

Season 8 of the Premier Hockey
Federation Resolution number one.

Although the Boston Pride started off
pretty much like a bat out of hell coming

off back to back championships, they need
to tighten up defensively and that is

something that they're gonna have to do.

They've been relying a lot on Corinne
Schroeder in net, but we see that

when the the score starts running
up, then that's when teams can meet

success against the Boston Pride.

Number two, for the
love of all things woho.

I want to see Jillian Jillian
Dempsey centering Lauren

Gabel and Elizabeth Giguere.

That is just a fun and totally
dominant line, and I think

we can all get behind that.

And my third resolution, it kind of goes
hand in hand with resolution number one.

If you wanna keep down the score, what
you also need to do is make sure you

are showing Tendy Love Corinne schroeder
started her PHF campaign with three.

Shutout and has been
fantastic backstopping.

This Boston Pride Squad, you wanna
protect your goalie and a part of

that, of course, is keeping that score
low and being more defensively sound.

That's what I've got for the
Boston Pride, your 2023 New Year's

resolutions as they head into the
the next part of season eight.

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The founding four podcast co-hosted
by myself and an Angelica Rodriguez.

Happy New Year Rodriguez here.

And I am giving you Black Rosie
Media's three PHF New Year's

resolutions for the Buffalo Beauts
ahead of the 2023 portion of Season 8.

So, uh, starting with resolution one.

Keep scoring on the power play.

Um, they've been really
disciplined, which is great.

They haven't had a whole lot to
do on the penalty kill lately.

But, uh, that power play has
recently really taken off the puck.

Cycling's amazing getting their
defense involved, especially Toni

Matzka has been a revelation.

So, uh, keep that up honestly.

Uh, number two.

Leave the lines alone.

Seriously , let them gel.

Let Themm like mold, let them
figure out what they're doing

and leave the lines alone.

Um, and, uh, resolution number three, um,
keep her goal tenders healthy, please.

Especially Kassidy Sauvé.

I feel like she's just been so
snake bitten and it's so sad.

You can just tell she wants to
play and when she's on, she's on.

So keep those goalies healthy
and that is your three New Year's

resolutions and you're filling in
the know about the Buffalo Beauts.

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your podcast, the Hey there, hockey fans.

My name is Erica L.

Ayala and I am here to present
to you Black Rosie Media's three

New Year's resolutions for the
Connecticut Whale in the 2023 portion

of season eight of the Premier
Hockey Federation resolution number.

Get back into their groove.

They were the champions
of the regular season.

We haven't seen them have that bite yet
in season eight, resolution number two.

I really wanna see them get
Mrazova and Weber activated.

These are two power forwards.

They're dynamic athletes, and if the
Connecticut wheel wanna find themselves

in Isabel Cup final, again, they're gonna
need, uh, Katerina and Janine Weber.

And resolution number three.

When the Connecticut Whale do get into
the Groove, Kennedy Marchment scoring,

Taylor Girard scoring shorthanded
goals they need to play with no mercy.

There have been times where Connecticut
has almost been kind of playing with

the lead keeping teams in the game and
sometimes ultimately suffering a loss.

So now, you know, with the Connecticut
Whale need going into the second.

Of Season eight.

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And of course, make sure you're listening
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Happy New Year.

Hi, my name is Ashley Mouzzon and
here are Black Rosie Media's three New

Year's resolutions for the Metropolitan
Rives in the 2023 portion of the

Premier Hockey Federation season.

Sarah B needs to keep scoring more goals.

Kelly Babstock.

Stay out of the penalty box and the
rives as a whole need to establish more

consistent play and weekend matchups.

You are now in the know
about the metropolitan rs.

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Wherever you get your.

All right, we're gonna get back
to the New Year's resolutions.

A reminder that the Premier Hockey
Federation begins play again this week

and coming out of the holiday break
we have on Friday, January 6th, the

Boston Pride versus the Connecticut.

We've got the Toronto six
versus the Montreal Forest.

That's on Saturday, January
7th at 3:00 PM Eastern time.

I should mention the Boston
Connecticut game, 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

Then the Boston Pride will take
on the Metropolitan Rives, so they

have two road trips on the weekend.

And on Saturday we also have the
Minnesota White caps at Buffalo Beauts.

They will also play on Sunday,
and then the Connecticut whale

will head down to the Rives.

So it's a little bit of a split
home series for the Rives.

A split road series for the
Boston Pride and Connecticut

has a a home and an away game.

Then of course, we go back on Sunday
with the Toronto six and Montreal

Force, the Battle of Canada.

That should be a good one, and we
will have your coverage of course,

over at the founding floor podcast.

But speaking of those Canadian
teams, let's continue with

our New Year's resolutions.

We'll round those out with the
Minnesota white caps, and of course

the Montreal Force and Toronto six.

Hey, hockey fans, Erica L.

Ayala here, and I am going to present
to you Black Rosie Media's three New

Year's resolutions for the Minnesota
White Caps in the 2023 portion of the

Premier Hockey Federation, Season 8.

The Minnesota Whitecaps
have to start early.

They've been playing a lot, trailing
in a game and having to catch

up and having to react to what
their opponent is giving them.

But when they've played and gotten on the
board first, they've played really well.

Resolution number two, uh, Denisa
Krizova is your cheat code, along

with, of course, Jonna Albers.

You really need those two forwards to
contribute on offense, get them activated.

Everyone else needs to support
finding them in open ice

and making things difficult.

On the opponent, the Minnesota White caps
actually have a really strong power play,

but they need to improve the penalty heel.

Inevitably, special teams are going to
be a part of the game, and so they're

gonna have to clean up and make sure
that they are sound of defensively

on the PK, and maybe even find a
way to be a little more offensive

minded and aggressive on the penalty.

Those are my three resolutions for the
Minnesota wide caps as we head into the

2023 portion of season eight of the PHF.

Be sure to check back with Black Rose
Media for all your PHF needs, and of

course, make sure you're listening to
the founding four podcasts co-hosted

by myself , and Angelica Rodriguez,
a happy new year to you and I hope

you'll tune in to listen to me and
the rest of the broadcast team as we

bring you PHF action on ESPN+ and TSN

Hey everybody, it's Ashley here with Black
Rose Media, and here are the top three New

Year's resolutions for the Montreal Force
for the 2023 portion of the PHF season.

They need to continue with their
three goal average per game.

Jade Downie-Landry and Ann-Sophie
Bettez need to keep contributing

to their offensive efforts, and
as a whole, the team needs to

increase their defensive efforts.

There you have it for the.

Montreal Force.

As always, Black Rosie Media has
all of your phf content and much.

And listen to the Founding 4, the
flagship podcast for Black Rosie

Media wherever you get your podcast.

What's up y'all?

Angelica Rodriguez, here and here.

Black Rosie Media's three PHF New
Year's resolutions for the Toronto Six.

Ahead of the 2023 portion of the.

Season 8.

So let's go Resolution number one.

Keep getting Britney Howard at that pup.

She's dynamic.

She's making an early case
for MVP and good on her.

Uh, she's a big part of the reason
for these success, especially

offensively, uh, number two,
kind of figure out an even keel.

I feel like there's still some games
where Toronto just doesn't necessarily

have consistency yet, especially.

When it comes to their defense.

So, um, really trying to buckle down and,
you know, work out those little things

I think is gonna be really big for them,
especially with Boston Breely down their

neck, you know, they're gonna have to keep
that, you know, that hold on first place.

And I think that's gonna be
the big, uh, deciding factor.

And, uh, number three, I mean,
y'all know, I have to say it

keep giving us CJ content.

Honestly, it, it's been.

Chef's kiss.

Uh, you don't know.

I had to say it.

You all know on the stand.

But anyway, uh, that is the Three
New Year's resolutions you

not know in the Toronto six.

Be sure to check out Black Rosie Media
for PHF content and much more, and

listen to yours truly alongside Erica
Ayala on the Founding 4 Pod, uh, the

flagship podcast for Black Rosie Media,
wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Thank you again for listening to
this special New Year's edition

of the founding four podcast.

Again, I am your co-host, Erica L.


You'll start to see that we're gonna be a
little bit experimental with some things.

We're still trying to, uh, get
everyone's schedules together and

get the technology that we need to.

Give you the consistent coverage
to the standard that we like,

but we hope that you're enjoying
what we're putting together.

We had fun with these New Year's
resolutions, and hopefully you got to

know a little bit about our personality
along with your favorite PHF teams.

You can see that we definitely have
some players that we are targeting

for end of season awards goal
tender of the year, uh, mvp, most

valuable player Defender of the Year.

So there's a.

That we're gonna get into, and hopefully
we'll continue to have fun ways for you

to engage with all of our PHF content.

So in addition to the Premier Hockey
Federation starting this weekend, we also

wanna remind you that on Sunday, January
8th, U 18 World Championships begins.

Now the IIHF or anyone has not
released the details regarding

broadcasting opportunities there,
but as we know, we will let you know.

And if we.

Playback room where we
watch U18s all together.

We will certainly do that.

So stay tuned for more Twitter Spaces
and other ways for us to engage.

Thanks again for listening
to the founding four podcast.

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