Founding 4 Podcast: NWHL interim commissioner Ty Tumminia focused on systems, partners

NWHL interim commissioner Ty Tumminia joins the Founding 4 Pod to discuss her new role, planning Season 6 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and her 2020 World Series predictions.
The Founding 4 Podcast is a weekly women's ice hockey podcast hosted by Erica L. Ayala. 

Show Notes:
Here are some helpful timestamps and links to help you follow along with the show.
0:00 - Intro
0:29 - Ty's hockey origin story
4:10 - Ty on the potential of women's hockey
7:20 - Ty on the Board of Governors model
9:30 - Competitive edge for teams (Boston Pride & Toronto Six) with private ownership?
11:32 - NWHL x COVID-19
14:38 - Digit Murphy quarantines, lol
15:53 - Impact of COVID on new Toronto team
17:32 - Ty's first 90-100 Days, White Board list
20:04 - Interest from potential owners?
21:14 - Lessons learned from other sports leagues about playing during a pandemic
22:25 - Ty on MLB, 2020 World Series
26:54 - Ty's message to fans

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