Twitter Spaces Deep Dive: What Happened at Harvard?

This episode was initially recorded on Twitter Spaces on June 12, 2023 

TRIGGER WARNING:  racism, homophobia, mental/emotional abuse, eating disorders, body shaming, gaslighting, sexual harassment, hazing.

The Boston Globe & The Athletic articles reported allegations of mistreatment and misconduct toward players by Harvard Women's Hockey Coach Katey Stone and claims of hazing within the program. The university hired the law firm Jenner & Block to conduct the review in March. A school spokesperson confirmed the investigation was complete, per The Athletic, on June 6th

Founding 4 Pod Discussion Points
  • Where do you draw the line when it comes to players’ experiences? AR: What one player might laugh off as harmless fun, another player could get extremely affected by, and both experiences are valid and should be seen as such. 
  • How do you toe that line? 
  • What are the nuances of a discussion like that, and when should enough be enough?
  • How indicative is this of a larger problem in women’s hockey? 
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