Season 4 E6: NWHL 101 with Anne Tokarski

Everything you need to know about the National Women's Hockey League (NWHL) featuring Anne Tokarski - Part I. 
Ever wonder what the NWHL actually is?
What is this Isobel Cup people speak of and what happened to its handles?

Erica L. Ayala is joined by writer Anne Tokarski to discuss all this and much more!

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Show Timestamps
3:48 - NWHL 101 Challenge
6:18 - The Isobel Cup Handles
8:10 - Rebecca Russo Cameo - Watch video here
*** Isobel Cup Final on Twitch Tease ***
11:16 - All About Anne
13:10 - Access to WoHo Stats (FOLLOW HER HOCKEY COUNTS)
15:15 - Looking ahead to the #NDubble
18:11 - New NWHL Commissioner Ty Tumminia
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25:15 - Where the money reside
28:15  - NWHL on NBC Sports
33:35 - Part I Recap
36:41 - Reflecting on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Music Credit:
Wallflowers & Joy Ride by Bad Snacks

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Erica L. Ayala (Eye-Yah-La) 💪🏽
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