#BlackRosie in Beijing: Hilary Knight vs The Toronto Star

Host Erica L. Ayala brings you sounds from Beijing and the 2022 Winter Olympic Ice Hockey Tournament. Hear from Swedish captain Michelle Lowehielm, Czech Republic forward Katerina Mrazova, and USA alternate captain Hilary Knight about their teams tournament start and expanding women's hockey to 10 teams.
Every four years, folks get really ignorant about what is good and "bad" for women's ice hockey. The latest Toronto Star article crossed my timeline and I decided to get a little creative with a recent interview with USA alternate captain Hilary Knight. 

NOTE: This is not a real conversation, this is my artistic expression of what a conversation between the Toronto Star reporter and Hilary Knight might be.

#BlackRosie #Olympics

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Erica L. Ayala (Eye-Yah-La) 💪🏽
Erica L. Ayala (Eye-Yah-La) 💪🏽
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