Anya Packer gets us ready for the #NDubble

Anya Packer discusses her biggest takeaways from 2020, Baby Waylon Packer also makes his first appearance, and Anya hints at some news!
New Year, new season means a new sit-down with NWHLPA executive director Anya Packer! Anya takes the NWHL 101 Challenge, discusses all things #NDubble, and hints at some things to come in 2021 and beyond. Baby Waylon also joins the show for the first time!

Show Timestamps
  • NWHL 101 Challenge
  • NDubble Updates
  • NDubble Fan Experience
  • NDubble Media Access
  • Baby Waylon's 1st F4P appearance
  • Anya's Top 10 moments in 2020
  • Anya's White Board: 2021 Edition
  • More Analytics?!
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