A New Era Begins!

The Founding 4 Podcast is back and brought Angelica Rodgriguez onboard as our new co-host! She and co-founder of the show Erica L. Ayala are two Latinas with spicy hockey takes!
The Founding 4 Podcast is back! Erica L. Ayala is joined by a new co-host and dear friend Angelica Rodriguez for the first show of the brand new era of the Founding 4 Podcast, now part of Black Rosie Media. 

Angelica & Erica start the show talking about Hockey Canada and the (delayed) repercussions of their lack of transparency regarding sexual assault investigations. The show then shifts to Nazem Kadri and the Colorado Avalanche aka the 2022 Stanley Cup Champions. The two New Yorkers then get loud about Title IX and who has been predictably left behind before closing with PHF offseason news. 

Stories we mention:
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Creators and Guests

angélica rodríguez 🏳️‍🌈🏒🇵🇷
angélica rodríguez 🏳️‍🌈🏒🇵🇷
you're the Tina, I'm the Louise. @TheIceGarden's #Beauts beat |co-host @Founding4Pod | she/her | WNBA fangirl | messy af and gay to boot. #SeLevanta
Erica L. Ayala (Eye-Yah-La) 💪🏽
Erica L. Ayala (Eye-Yah-La) 💪🏽
Almost Famous | Founder, @BlackRosieMedia #HBRIC | 1st & only Black or Latine @PHF broadcaster | Broadcaster @NWSL | #PBWA #NAHJ 📧:hello@BlackRosieMedia.com
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